The 40th album will not play (Qobuz)

I’ve noticed this mistake for a while, now I want to describe it.
When I go to Qobuz for example play the new releases in succession, this works very well until the 39th album. The 40th album does not play the selected album from Qobuz, but the first album of my collection on my NAS.
Strangely enough, the tracks of the album selected from Qobuz are displayed in the queue.

Each additional album selected from Qobuz will play properly again.
Even though I choose the originally 40th album again later, it will not play but the first of my collection. However, on another day or after a reboot, I can select this album and it will play.
If the collection is not included, no error will occur.

When I look at the last 100, there is a gap there.
See photo - There may be a connection.

Maybe you can improve that.