Thanks for the Christmas present from Heidelberg

Sorry, this post is really just an introduction, but that’s what the forum title asks for, right?

First of all: Thanks and praise to the Volumio team!
Especially Michelangelo with all the tons of interesting posts on the raspyfi-page made me come out of my 90-stereo-system cave with CD’s, LP’s and even a Tuner and some tapes.

I am completely new to computer audio but when I stumbled upon raspyfi I got exited and thought it might be a good idea to save all this space in my appartment which is currently packed with CD’s. So I ordered a Pi and a DAC and once I came with this tiny equipment and my notebook back to the yamaha tower (see above), raspyfi was already outdated and volumio is there. (The DAC now plugs to the MD port of my late nineties amplifier :laughing: )
The Christmas days (and the survived defense of my thesis --> good luck Michelangelo! Don’t give up and keep concentrated!) gave me the freedom to start ripping, and so I am getting hands on now.

I do have some questions which might be much too noob for you guys, but I hope someone will have mercy and help me out with some tips. I’ll post them in the corresponding forums.
So thank you guys for this inspiring work and best regards from Heidelberg,

Hallo Nikolas!
And welcome to the outer world! :smiley:

Don’t worry, everyone is noob at something, so don’t be afraid to ask! Hope in the meantime your thesis is going on well, we could join our graduation parties !