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What a great HiFi audio distribution!!!

I recently bought the Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 DAC Bundle that contains the Raspberry Pi V.3. My objective is to stream Airplay and Kazoo (OpenHome renderer protocol) to active speakers…certainly not at the same time :wink:)

I prepared the SD card, added the Raspdac plugin (for the on/off switch) and bang…had a running system that meet my objectives.

My remaining questions is if you plan to support the I-Sabre V3 DAC native. I am running it the following way:
Output device: Generic I2S DAC
DAV Mode: Generic I2S DAC
Mixer Type: Software
Mixer Control Name: Software Volume Control
MPD Clients Volume Control: On

Can anyone confirm that these are the correct settings for the time being? According to the User Manual the SW Mixer Type “…makes the stream not bitperfect, and degrades sound quality”.

Can a native support rather than the Generic profile support the HW control?

Thanks a lot.

P.S. I have some noise level coming out of my speakers. Is anyone having similar issues?

Have you tried setting hardware volume control in ‘mixer type’ & are you sure that your DAC supports it?

Meanwhile I managed to read a bit more in deep and discovered that HiFiBerry DAC or HiFiBerry DACPlus drivers are the way to go. I changed the settings accordingly:

Output device: HiFiBerry DACPlus
DAV Mode: HiFiBerry DACPlus
Mixer Type: None
Mixer Control Name: None
MPD Clients Volume Control: Off

Seems that this DAC isn’t supporting Mixer Tape = HW (…at least it doesn’t offer it) and because of sound quality I selected Mixer Type = None rather than Software. If I want to control volume via iPhone etc. I am going to use iTunes as control point; however the sq is significant lower.

Can anyone confirm that the Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 DAC doesn’t support volume control?

Thanks a lot.

I think, although I’m not an expert, that the HFB drivers support the ESS chip because the HFB DAC+ Light is based on an ESS chip, where the rest of their range is TI512x-based. Their drivers will have to provide the minimum needed to drive the ESS device. The Mamboberry DAC from Collybia is based on the ESS9023; you could try selecting that and see what happens…

Chris M

I just tried the MamboBerry DAC driver on the Audiosonics i-Sabre V4 and even if it works OK for listening music, I couldn’t get the hardware volume control available.

I suppose that the i-Sabre does not accept HW volume control.