Terrible Wifi performance

Since i have managed to connect my Raspberry Pi with Volume 1.55 with my Wifi usb and gave the Pi a static IP. I have a very bad relationship with my wifi.

ssh’ing through LAN is no problem. SSH’ing through wifi is terrible. 9/10 times i cannot connect. Or should I say, i can connect but than when typing in the password my connection is refused Permission denied, please try again. .

When plugging in the LAN cable i can presume as normal. Also, the webgui is not showing when the pi is only connected with the WiFi usb.

Have you checked the signal strength? Is the adapter strong enough?

Yes and Yes, The guy in Volume says that the signal strength is 114%?

Anyway, probably this problem is already solved. I managed to receive another wifi usb today (TP-Link) and this works without any problems…