Terrible experience after adding Tidal with Virtuoso trial

RPi 3B+, Hifiberry DAC+ hat.

Added Tidal, Virtuoso trial.
It can play Radio paradise for 12hrs, but if I touch Tidal it will stop working quickly

Restart device, load Tidal playlist “my mix” offered by Tidal, play two songs, skip to third, blocks.

Can’t load any song, from Tidal or from NAS.

Music Library is empty. Nothing helps except Reboot.

Any help appreciated.

I could never get Tidal to work reliably before. Been struggling with it forever. However updating mpd seems to have fixed it for me.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve updated the mpd per your suggestion. No hiccups so far. Will report again later on.

Great to hear! Tidal HIFI sounds SO much better than Spotify. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It has been working perfectly for me now for a couple of days.

After some more time, I can again confirm that this was the solution for my issue with Tidal.