Temperature Controlled Fan

Not sure if this is the right place to post.

I have Volumio 3 Installed with an IQaudIO DAC Pro board and its working great. I just ordered a 7inch display to hook up over HDMI, but I may also want to add a Noctua fan and use the RPi’s built in temperature sensor to control the fan. Usually I set this up in raspi-config but since there is no raspi-config in Volumio is there any way to do this through Volumio or a plugin or do I have to write a startup script in python?

I also I think I found a bug with Volumio3 and the ‘Raspberry Pi Imager’ I went into settings config (the
gear icon) in Imager and pre-configured the SSID and password before imaging the microsd sd card. The installed image never connected to wifi. I hooked up a monitor and saw the Volumio logo come up during boot and then it went dead. I tried this 3 times and then I just did the standard install and let Volumio create it’s own network, I was able to connect via the Volumio net and setup my local SSID and credentials from there and everything is now working great.

changing settings from Rasperry Pi Imager works only with RaspiOS, it won’t work with Volumio

please flash the image as-it-is, without changing any setting

Thank you for the clarification. It looks like my error but that option should be disabled for other OSs for people like me that don’t RTFM :laughing:

Volumio has no control over the Raspberry Pi Imager app…

As there’s no such thing as a completely silent fan for audio it might be better to look for passive cooling options. Volumio is very well tuned to run cool without a fan. You can even run Volumio on the normally toasty Rpi5 without a fan.

Technically you are correct but Noctua fans are very, very quiet. Also the model I use supports PWM so at 2 feet away in a quiet room they are undetectable. I agree passive cooling is always the best way. Decades ago when I built my own PCs I never used CPU fans I used big heatsinks to cool and never had to worry about a fan burning out. But the raspberry pi with a DAC daughter board and an integrated 7" display there are a lot of components that could get warm. I am thinking of leaving the setup on 24x7 and have a PWM fan only kick in when necessary. That’s good to know about Volumio tuned to run cool without a fan. Thank you.

Maybe just try it and see how hot it gets when playing/searching. Worst that will happen is that the Pi will throttle back. I had a Pi4 with DAC hat mounted on the back of the official RPi screen and that kept cool, admittedly I was not using a case. You can also use longer stand-offs to increase the space between Pi and the hat, also allowing room for a bigger heat-sink if needed.