TDA7498/E mod


I am just sharing this in case someone has one of these boards. I found the unmodified board sounded flat and worse than my TDA7492 board. It was quite disappointing. So I replace the generic capacitors with equivalent value Nichicon FW 470uF/50V. I tested with half the capacitors soldered and it immediately sounded much better. The capacitors cost me £8 which is like 1/2 the price of the board. They are also larger than the generic ones, hence I had to mount half at the bottom. If you are not going to push it to full wattage it will be probably OK just use 10. Here is the before and after pict.

Edit: Of course you can also use less number of capacitors. the datasheet stated to use 2200uf on each side.



Thanks for this information. I ordered one of these boards from China but it came in with the volume pot broken off (amp was shipped in a plastic bag and soft envelope). A simple cardboard box would have prevented this. Now I am waiting for a matching volume pot from Hong Kong.

Did you notice an improvement in sound only at high volumes, or always?