Tag bug

Ver. 2.659

If your music file has a different value in tags artist and albumartist, then volumio doesn’t shows tracks correctly in albums section by go into. If you into album from my music - albums all is ok.


I’m experiencing this bug since the latest update (2.668):

  • if no “album artist” tag: everything works fine
  • if the “artist” and the “album artist” tags are different: volumio doesn’t display the songs when you access the album through the artist section (see the screenshot); besides, I can’t play the album by adding it to the queue or trying to play it; but if I browse directly to the album, I can play it and the songs are displayed.

Hope I’m clear enough :slight_smile:



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I am also suffering this bug! 2.671

[size=150]This has NOT been fixed in 2.673!![/size]

Looking at it


EDIT: The artist images are working now, it took a while though…

This album tag bug however is a MAJOR issue for me :frowning:

Still not resolved?

Still no news?

Be patient, we have a todo list and some things take longer than others.

Look guys, I really appreciate your work and have been a myVolumio subscriber for a while. But I don’t think this response along with the one I received in my inbox is very professional at all.

This bug was initially reported over a month ago and all I have done is ask for an update a couple of times as its a pretty serious bug effecting a core feature.

To come at me via this forum and private message calling me ‘a disgrace,’ ‘spoiled brat’ and saying ‘who do I think I am’ is surprising if I am honest. Good job I work as a CTO for a company in the software business as well so I know how to deal with moaning developers when customers report bugs… :laughing: :laughing:

I know Volumio is free and your time is your own… However you do offer MyVolumio, along with the Primo so you are in fact running a business.

Come on guys, I love your product, appreciate all your time and all I wanted was an update on this crippling bug.

I’ll be making a christmas donation. To help support this great project.

Guys, I have recorded a quick video showing you what this bug looks like.

youtube.com/watch?v=_N2iyZe … e=youtu.be

You see I try and choose a Bob Marley album, Exodus from the artists browser, however it appears empty and I am unable to click the back button, an error occurs. However I can click the home button.

When I browse to the same album via Album view I can see it properly.

Hope this helps.

I sincerely apologize

Its ok, no hard feelings, and I appreciate the PM as well.

Keep up the good work :mrgreen:

Thanks for this! This will help us troubleshoot and fix it. Unfortunately not before a couple of weeks.

No problem, is there any logs or extra info I can provide that will help?

Sending the log will definetely help (do it after it does not play):
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

Done immediately after the album doesn’t display and me clicking the back button as shown in my video.


I see that the /var/log/volumio.log doesn’t show anything useful. The only error line in the log below is when I click the back button. No errors when the album appears empty.

2019-12-10T08:15:26.155Z - info: CURURI: artists://
2019-12-10T08:15:37.581Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: mpd , handleBrowseUri
2019-12-10T08:15:37.582Z - info: CURURI: artists://Bob%20Marley%20%26%20The%20Wailers
2019-12-10T08:15:38.857Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: mpd , handleBrowseUri
2019-12-10T08:15:38.858Z - info: CURURI: artists://Bob%20Marley%20%26%20the%20Wailers/Exodus
2019-12-10T08:15:38.877Z - info:
2019-12-10T08:15:50.464Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: mpd , handleBrowseUri
2019-12-10T08:15:50.465Z - info: CURURI: artists://Bob%20Marley%20%26%20the%20Wailers
2019-12-10T08:15:50.502Z - info:
2019-12-10T08:15:50.504Z - error: Failed to execute browseSource: Error

Just fixed it :wink: Thanks for reporting
github.com/volumio/Volumio2/com … d54f15ef0e

Hey there!

Still not working here :frowning:

Which logs can I send you to help?


I works if you select option\select source\sort artist by\ ALBUMARTIST. If you select ARTIST then it does not work if ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST tags are different.