System updates & Factory Reset

My current system version is 2.254. When I check for updates I get:

Update v2.279
IMPORTANT: If you are updating from a version newer than 2.201, a factory reset is strongly suggested before updating to this version. This is an intermediate update version, once update has been finished update again to 2.309.

So it’s recommended to Factory Reset; which will wipe all of my user data, i.e. WiFi, NAS and database settings? This is really not an update then, it’s a complete re-install?

Anyway, maybe I am wrong and all user settings can be saved prior to factory reset and then restored via rsync to the boot volume?



I checked the documentation on this. Maybe I missed something?

Hi, this is because we made an important overhaul to the updater, and therefore to be 100% sure to update, you’re advised to factory reset to a version we’ve tested extensively.
I know it sucks, but its the best way we could handle this situation (and it happens only once).
Nothing prevents you from just updating, as it might work.
Or you might need to reinstall in the worst case scenario

Well, improvements to the updater are all great; but seriously there’s no way to backup the settings to restore after the update? Or did file formats or types changed with the new version?

Thanks man

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Check back-up/restore plugin in the plugin gallery: it’s just made for that.

Was about to say that… But wait, it’s not published for X86 yet, I am doing it now

Awesome… will do!

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Great… so for the x86 download I use the same download link? Thanks Michelangelo

The backup and restore were successful. I guess tag_cache is not included? I had to restore it manually. Anyway… thanks again!

I decided to conduct a factory reset with Volumio on my allo digione. Was suggested to me when I couldn’t even get AirPlay to recognize my device anymore. Waiting and waiting, but my browser cannot even find the device. Should I restart everything? Reconnect the Ethernet cable? What are the best steps to take without getting into program language (I’m not program savvy)…

Thank you,


If there is no ethernet connection, then it has probably started the Volumio hotspot…

Have a read of the Quick Start Guide …

You should be able to log on to that and access the UI to set up your wifi connection.