System update stuck on 'please wait'. Log creation also stuck on 'please wait'

RPi v3.245

This has happened second day in a row. If I check system update, I get a ‘please wait’ message which never changes. If I try to create a log to go with the bug report, the log creation is also stuck on ‘please wait’.

disable all plugins and retry :slight_smile:

This indicates an internet connection issue of your device.


  • If you set up your Static IP correctly
  • If you changed DNS

Let us know

I have been using Volumio for more than a year, always with the ‘automatic IP’ setting, as far as I know. Wasn’t an issue until two days ago so I’m not sure this is the answer. I haven’t made any recent changes to my network.

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Did you install some plugins before that happened?
If you reboot, something changes?

The only recent change was the upgrade to 3.245