System update failure

Hello, I’m trying to update to the latest system software version and received an Update failed notification. I’m currently running version 2.729 last updated March 2020.

The message I’m receiving is as follows:

System software integrity check failed. Manually edited files were detected. System software update is not possible under those circumstances. Please execute a factory reset or delete user data, then retry.

  1. I do not want to have to burn a new image or change the SD card in my streamer. Do I need to burn a new image to an SD card in order to perform an update? I believe I do not and an update would just modify the SD card already loaded into my Metrum ambre streamer Volumio SD card?

  2. I have the Virtuoso plan and am currently logged into Tidal. If I perform a factory reset would this damage my SD card in anyway or have any other consequences?

  3. I’m not sure what is meant by delete user data then retry?

Please advise how to update the software to the latest version. Currently I’m not able to save or add any songs from Tidal to the Volumio playlists and would like to try and update to the latest version hoping this will resolve it.

Thank you,

You could try this it figure out where/what was changed and triggered this integrity check failure:

Thanks. I’ll see if I can figure that out, I’m not computer savvy.

What if I just performed a factory reset, would that harm anything? I’ve only been using volumio for two weeks now so I do not have any saved music as of yet. I’m not really sure how to delete user data as well as that is another option. I just don’t want to damage my sd card in anyway and don’t want to have to have it reflashed.

What I think happened is:
Metrum loaded Volumio on their streamer and then did some manual modifications. This prevents you from updating properly your unit.
What I would do is ask them, since also they appear to charge for the Volumio Option 39 euros… (which is not nice to see, for me at least).
So, sorry but we can’t help on this since we don’t know what software they loaded and what mods they did. Better to ask support from them.

Ok Michelangelo I appreciate your response. Yes they did charge for the volumio card. The Ambre shipped with a Roon card installed but I wanted to use Volumio instead so I paid for the Volumio card and swapped out the Roon card in the unit. I know 39 Euros seems high but I didn’t want to flash a card myself. Most likely they modified the volumio card to work with the ambre but not sure what they did and will ask. If they say they didn’t do any manual changes maybe I will ask you again what I should do. Possibly a factory reset would work but not sure.

Ok I will ask Metrum what manual changes they made and see if they can help as I would like to be able to receive updates as you improve the software.


Hi Michelangelo,

You were correct and Metrum did modify the software. It seems they made it more compact and did something so that the front panel LEDs on the ambre streamer would work.
They are forwarding this issue to their software department and will let me know how I can obtain your latest software version as it would be nice to be able to update the software as you come out with new improved updates.

Do you think I could just flash your latest software version available on your downloads page, swap the sd cards in my ambre and this would work in my ambre? It seems like the only issue would be the front panel LEDs on the ambre may not work which is really not a big issue for me. If you’re not sure I will wait until Metrum gives me a response.

Thank you,

The Volumio software is altered by us, so the message you receive from the Volumio software is correct. We altered the software to make it more compact, as well as support the front panel LEDs. Unfortunately, I can’t solve this problem for you, but will pass your message on to our software department.