System settings not showing

Volumio works fine on my RPi 3 with a HiFiBerry DAC+ but there is one strange issue. After opening the settings menu from browser or app I can reach all the settings pages except ‘system’ (volumio.local/plugin/system_controller-system). No matter if accessed via volumio.local or, direct, via IP-address, ethernet or WiFi. When clicking ‘system’ the Volumio desktop is shown without any further settings. Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Please update to latest version (2.285) and refresh the page

Thanks for answering. I use version 2.285 (07-10-2017), it was a fresh install earlier today.

Sorry, you are right. Yesterdays version (volumio-2.282-2017-10-06-pi) caused the problem, today version (volumio-2.285-2017-10-07-pi) works fine :wink: