sync musical volumio library with external hard drive

hello everyone, I have a rather peculiar problem.
I use a WD external hard drive where I have all the music that is also on itunes and related hard drive on my desktop pc.
I happened today to change the name of a Jerry Cantrell album that is already on itunes.
The album was originally called " degredation trip " became " degredation trip, Vol. 1 & 2 ", the change was made on itunes and then the original folder where the audio files are located also changed accordingly.
At this point I deleted the artist folder " Jerry Cantrell " from my WD hard drive and put the new folder " Jerry Cantrell " from my desktop pc ( with the new data and changes ).
I connect my wd hard disk to volumio; and I find under artist " Jerry Cantrell " both " degredation trip " and " degredation trip, Vol. 1 & 2 " despite the fact that the folder " degredation trip " no longer exists on my hard disk and the related files have been modified with album " degredation trip Vol. 1 & 2 ".
The only way I have found to solve this already happened problem is to format my WD compleately and put all the library back in from my desktop pc.
There are more than 1tb of files and it takes a lot of time, is there a more convenient and faster solution?
I have already tried on Volumio on the " source " item to rescan and update everything besides the individual artist and album folders, but to no avail.
Thanks in advance

Are you sure that all tracks have the new album name?

If yes, maybe a library rebuild (rather than update) will solve.


I am 100% sure.
consider that I had deleted the guns n’roses from my hard drive and volumio not only still saw them, but could play their songs ( I still don’t explain how )
How do I do the library rebuild?

Delete Will only add it in the trash if trash isn’t cleaned up
It Will still see it and play it.

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Please, how could i clean up for solve the “ problem “?

Connect the wd to the pc and empty recycle bin ….
In Linux the recycle bin is a normal folder and Will be scanned.


Under settings / sources / you have two buttos: “update” and “rebuild”. (I’m not next to volumio and not 100% of the names but it’s the one that the info “i” says: completely rebuild library.

problem solved, DVO provided instructions to resolve the issue.
If you remove something from the hdd library you have to empty the recycle bin otherwise it stays in memory.