Sync/Link Multiple Players


I was browsing the Android market when I found Sound@Home (which looks semi-abandoned) as it is not compatible with Volumio 2.0, and I was wondering if this could be a feature built directly into Volumio. In my opinion this would be the official “Sonos Killer” feature. Say I have 4 Pi’s running Volumio running DAC’s to my speakers throughout the house, it would be fantastic to control them all from the Volumio app on iOS/Android or via the browser.

I’ve searched through the forums (what I think was thoroughly) and have not found this suggested or being worked on.

I’m hoping this feature will gain some traction as it would really separate Volumio from the rest of the Pi audio solutions currently offered.


I second this feature. Would be great to either be able to control multiple volumio players in different rooms from one device (phone , tablet…)

You can already do that via Volumio’s UI… If more than one player is active, you can switch to it from the UI…

Can you play through all of them at the same time or just one active player at a time?

At present you can control all of your Volumio devices independently from within the UI (as Michelangelo says above). It is possible to sync the play to your devices using something called snapcast, but it is not yet available in Volumio (unless you set it up yourself (search the forum)). However, it is a planned as a future feature :wink:

Awesome, I’ll probably ride it out for native support. I’m eager for a new release. This will officially be the Sonos killer in my book.