Sync Favorites with Spotify (Liked Songs), Qobuz (Favourites) etc

On Volumio 3.179

I can somehow not believe this is not implemented. Was thinking about posting it in the Bug section of the forum. Also did not find a feature request for it as well (maybe I missed it).

When I listen to Spotify or Qobuz (no Tidal account) on Volumio and I add a song as a favorite, this should be synced with the corresponding list on the provider side. Of course only Spotify Favorite to Spotify and Qobuz to Qobuz as the Volumio Favorites is a global list covering different sources.

Also Playlist support/sync and the ability to add whole albums to a playlist needs major improvement, but here I already found topics covering the issue.


For Qobuz it works to add songs, albums and artists to favourites in Volumio and it’s synced to Qobuz. A little bit unsure what is supported for Spotify, but a lot also has to do what the APIs provided supports so it is not only in the hands of Volumio.

Right, I should have tested more carefully. It works with Qobuz (needed to restart the app first). But it still doesn´t with Spotify, which is my main source.


Picking this up again. What doesn’t make sense is to just synchronize with a single Favourites playlist. I mean, Volumio knows all my playlists. Putting everything into Favourites just means double work. I than have to go into Qobuz app to get things out of Favourites to put them into my other playlists.
Are there any improvements foreseen for this ?