symlinks and SD card music - HELP

Hi There,

I’m trying to find a really easy step by step guide to using the extra space on my SD card to store and play my music from. There are various threads here on the forum, but I’m a linux noob, so its all i bit complicated to me. I also understand that I need to create a symlink to the folder on the SD card where the music is stored so that mpd will know where to look, is that right?

I have a 64GB card, running the lastest version of volumio, and I would like to put my music in a folder on the SD card, mainly so I can use volumio as a portable music server on batteries without the need for extra power, usb hubs etc.

I can see that people have managed to do this, but I have been unable to find a simple step by step guide any where here.

I also need to copy my music on to the SD card, so I assume I can do this via a samba share, but I also need some help setting this up. I have been searching across the internet and tried various things, I feel like I’m almost there, but not quite, and it’s soo frustrating. So if anyone can help with this which I imagine is pretty simple for an experienced linux user. I would be so grateful.


Below are some of the steps you need to perform to reclaim the extra space in your SD card before you can use them. Do take note that the partition number or the name could be different. You can use the command fdisk -l to see what the info display.

sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0
Command : d (delete the partition won’t delete the content, it’s just a partition table update)
Partition number : 3
Command : n
Select : default
Partition number : 3
Partition start : default
Partition end : default
Command : w
sudo reboot

sudo resize2fs /dev/root

After you had rebooted the pi the additional space will be added into the root. Just run df -h to list out to see if the space is all there in root.
Once is confirm, you can remote access to your Pi from your other computer to copy the files into the SD card. Some how I did not manage to get the symlinks to work for the SD card after I created a new directory for it. So what I did was to copy my music files to the existing folder like for example the USB folder. Once you had finished copy the files, you just have to update the library within the web UI. After the update is complete you will see all your music in the folder you had copied to earlier. Hope this helps.