Switching to new CD to rip or play doesn't change CD data

I’m able to rip CDs to an external usb HDD without any problems. When the CD rip completes the CD player door opens and I remove the CD. When I switch the CD with a new album, close the CD player door and go to Volumio, it shows the CD audio icon (prior to this, the icon disappears because the CD player door is open). When I click into the “Audio CD” icon, the previous CD information remains.

I would expect that the new CD audio information would populate when a new CD has been added.

Only way I’ve been able to get around this has been to restart Volumio.
I’m running the latest version of Volumio on a RPie 3B+

Any recommendations and/or fixes are appreciated.

The same is happening to me.

Adding that the low reading speed is not set (is to loud spinning sound when playing)

At first I wasn’t sure if this was an issue with the x86 version, but noticed it on my Pi4 as well. I have to reboot to have a new disk show up.

Same to me. Sometimes even rebooting has no effect. I also remove the CD Drive and reconnect it. Nothing happens.