Switching from wifi to ethernet

Hi, I’ve been using my pi+volumio through wifi but recently my router stopped seeing it sometimes.

I am currently pulling a cable from the router to plug into the pi. Do I need to change or do anything on the software side or do I just plug the cable in?

I’m thinking it will change the player’s IP so what’s the procedure?

Thank you

Just plug it in and disable WiFi. And write down the new IP :smile:

Why do I need the IP? I’ve never actually had to use it.

And disabling wifi through ssh or is that in the interface I don’t remember.


Disable Wifi via the network tab in volumio
Either use your devicename.local (like: volumio.local) or access via it’s ip-address.
If you access volumio via the Volumio app, it will reveal itself.

nothing else needed to do.

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Great. Thank you

Wait, why do I have to turn off wifi? It looks like I can keep both on - in which case, will it automatically pick the better connection or what?

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most of the time if you have a wired connection it will be the best if you want to use,
wifi i would say take the 5.0ghz over the 2.4ghz because you will have a bigger thru·put
and yes you can run both but they will use there own ip.

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