switching between webradio stations with next and previous


first of all: Volumio is amazing.
But I am missing one feature: is it possible to switch between radio stations with the “next” and “previous” buttons?
I could not find any hints for this…

And also: is it a bug, that I can’t start a webradio again, if I paused it before?

Thanks for your help!

‘Next’ and ‘previous’ don’t seem to operate on radio stations in a queue … you might like to add it as a bug/feature request (depending on how you view it).

I can’t reproduce the ‘stop’ and ‘start’ problem; it works fine on my version (RPi v 2.135)

start and stop are fine in 2.175
But the next prev isn’t possible in the radio playlist :frowning:
I tried

mpc next


 curl "volumioamp.local:3000/api/v1/commands/?cmd=next"

Hi ,

Same pb here with the stop/play webradio problem… to play a webradio again, i have to play an other flac/mp3 before…

Other smallbug, when i play a webradio on 2.041, the word “WEBRADIO” apprears at the left of the display, but when i play it on 2.175, nothing appears.

Switch between a flac/mp3 with a webradio in the playlist don’t works at all.