switch browser button on Volumio for fhem access

I have installed volumio2 with touchscreen and DAC on a raspberry 3 in my kitchen as a wall mounted assembly.
In parallel I run a separate raspberry as a fhem server for my smart home.
Now I’d like to access fhem from the above installation in my kitchen. A possible approach could be as follows:

  1. Install a browser on the volumio assembly (e.g. iceweasel)
  2. Create a button on the volumio panel so that the touchscreen may toggle betwen volumio and the browser.

If a browser with open internet access is not favored on volumio, access may be limited to a fixed IP. Since fhem has its own webserver, it is only required to define the related IP Address of fhem.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

I am not sure I did understand your question, but… Install the touchscreen plugin and you’ll have a browser running with Volumio on it

I think the problem is switching between Volumio and the FHEM web interface. So kiosk mode should be disabled I guess. Then you can switch between tabs in the browser. Or am I talking rubbish now? :unamused:

Thank you Saiyato. You got my point correctly.
Which file do I need to modify, to disable the kiosk-mode?

I don’t know if you can do it by file once the browser’s loaded, but the F11 key switches kiosk mode off.
Alternatively, you could load the FHEM web page on another tab, and somehow switch between tabs (the equivalent of pressing CTRL + Tab)

Unfortunately, I don’t think either are doable in JS.