Swiping left and right.

Been using Volumio ( 2.502 ) on an rpi 3B+ for a few weeks now,
loving it, a great peace of software, just a few little quirks I’ve come across.

On both my mobile devices ( Samsung G Note and a Nokia 8 phone) both using chrome or your official app .
You cant swipe left or right to get back to playback from queue or browse.
You can swipe from playback to queue but not back to playback or from playback to browse but not back again.

I’m guessing that you are supposed to be able to, as on my desktop PC Using Firefox I can drag back and forth using the mouse pointer no problems.

Is this a known problem or should I put this in Bugs section.

Because Firefox worked on the PC even though it was with the mouse, Just for the hell of it I thought I’d try installing firefox on my phone.
Low and behold I can swipe back and forth no problems.

So the problem lies with your official app and chrome.

Where do you report bugs for your app ?