Support of O2/ODAC

Hello everyone,

I want to use volumio on my rasppi 2 with my headphone pr and DAC O2/ODAC ( Is this device supported by volumio out of the box?

Thanks in advance for answers.

The link threw an error, I corrected it…

It seems to be a DAC with an older Audio Class 1 USB interface, it could still work out-of-the-box but there is no way we can guarantee that.
Do you have an opportunity to test it first before buying?

Thank you so much for correcting the link. (Sry)

I own the dac, so I will test it and I will report the result here.

I have the original ODAC running with Volumio2. It’s supported out of the box, just need to choose USB DAC in the web ui.

piCorePlayer works a bit better if you have an older Raspberry Pi like Model B. I had some glitches with Volumio1.55 on this setup and never got a chance to figure out why.

ODAC is one of my favourite, transparent and smooth sounding with simple 5V USB power supply from the Pi. The price of USD$99 is hard to beat so I never upgraded to anything else since it was released by NwAvguy.

Enjoy whatever music you’re listening in the meantime. Cheers! :smiley: