Support multiple "Artist" tags

I would like to be able to support multiple “Artist” tags in the Library view.
As an example I have an album by “John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey” and another one by “PJ Harvey and John Parish” which don’t appear together in the artist list.
In my tagging program I created multiple artist tags expecting to see the albums appear twice, once under each artist’s names. However the albums/tracks only appeared once (confusingly under the 2nd artist’s tag).

In a test with the Gladiator album I tagged 6 tracks like this: “Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard\Lisa Gerrard”
Two tracks appear only under artist “Lisa Gerrard” and 4 only under “Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard”!

I second that.
Example: Dr. Dre - The next episode (feat. Snoop Dogg).

Artist: Dr. Dre Artists: Dr. Dre; Snoop Dogg Album Artist: Dr. Dre

Click on “Snoop Dogg” in the library shows all tracks that have Snoop Dogg as Artist as well as Artists (either that or Musicbrainz Artist ID tags).
Basically the same way Spotify handles artists.