Support for Raspberry Pi SSD Boot

Hi, first time user and first question so please excuse if I don’t get the localised verbiage correct to begin with :wink:

I’m an experienced Raspberry Pi user running 4 Pi’s for various projects and whilst seeking out my next project I came across volumio. As someone with 6000+ vinyl LPs and CDs ripped to a NAS I can’t think of a better meeting of my two main interests.

So, the question; does volumio support SSD Boot? I run all of my Pi’s from SSD having experienced the trials and tribulations of failed SD cards in the past. Having searched this forum it would appear that there is no support for volumio booting from SSD. Is this correct? And, if it is correct, is there a roadmap towards SSD boot in the future.

Thanks in advance for your help, and your patience if this is a stupid question.

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Hi OldManOfTheSea, and welcome to Volumio. :wink:

You are correct that there is no current support for booting other than from sd card for RPis atm. I would say however that your experience of failed sd cards might well not be replicated from using Volumio, where disk writes are kept to an absolute minimum.

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