Support for Compulab Utilite (and 1.4?)


I’m curious to know what the status of the Utilite is as a supported hardware platform for Volumio. I have one of these, and I’m very interested in getting Volumio going on it, but a few things have me concerned. 1.3 seems rather fussy and hasn’t behaved well for me, and I’ve seen no sign of 1.4 just yet though all other platforms have it. I also notice very few people in the forums asking questions about this platform (and it’s not listed in a few places where supported platforms are detailed). So a couple questions:

  1. Is the Utilite supported and a viable platform going forward, or am I better off with something else?
  2. If it is supported, and 1.4 is on the way and should be functionally superior to 1.3, am I better off waiting for 1.4 to hit before I keep trying to get something running, or is that a ways off and I should just try 1.3?


Bumping this because it’s July now, and I’m genuinely curious as to whether the Utilite is truly a supported platform or not.