Suggestion: Auto-generate playlists from cue files

I’m new to the forum, but I’m using Volumio since late 2019 on my Raspberry Pi.
I saw tons of nice things in v2, but there are a few pretty big problems, which render my library layout basically unusable in Volumio without major re-work.
My entire library is on the NAS and organized in folders, where each artist has its own folder. In those folders I have (what it looks like a pretty rare layout) each album stored in one multi-track FLAC file, with embedded cue and attached front cover image. That type of layout works perfectly in Foobar2000 and in Kodi (which I use the most). Since there is no proper database support for cue files in Volumio, I was using it to play much smaller collection of MP3s and for Web Radio streaming. A few days ago, when I’ve learned about the open beta for Volumio 3, I decided to give testing another shot.
Unfortunately, v3 has the same issue with cue files as v2, lacking a database support for cue files (both standalone and embedded ones). I understand that cue files support is a long-time wish for many users and that such support isn’t easy to accomplish. However, when I started playing with various scenarios I saw that, if I extract cue from my flac files into a separate file, I can navigate to those cue files under Music Library option and even play them nicely. Such queues can be saved as playlists and will show up under the Playlists option, which gave me an idea:
If possible, can we get an option somewhere in the library scan settings, to auto-generate playlists from existing cue files if checked? That option would save each cue as a playlist using the cue file name, or (even better) using a custom naming schema, like e.g. [artist + " (" + year + ") - " + albumName]. Perhaps those playlists could be saved to a separate location from user-created playlists and maybe even be available under a separate option in the main menu?
I’m trying to suggest some sort of “middle-ground” solution, which could satisfy users like me, who are organizing their albums in single flac files or flac+cue combinations. I have more than 650 albums in multi-track flac files, one flac per album. Splitting those albums into separate properly tagged tracks would be and pretty big and time-consuming task.
If this topic is better suited under a different category, feel free to move it :slight_smile:

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