sudo apt-get upgrade

I did a apt-get update then upgrade…killed volumio

Perhaps it updates then upgrades some packages that are not compatible…who knows, but apt-get upgrade seems to upgrade certain packages without killing volumio.

Upgrading will break volumio as said plenty times before. This is not supported.

What kind of diy or tweak did you do? That you posted in this section.

Guess what I just did with my very 1st install on my very 1st RPi…

:exclamation: I’m off for a quick cry

While I’m here - I decided to upgrade the distro because my wireless dongle wasn’t working

Can anyone tell me - what’s the preferred way of updating driver / firmware without upgrading the distro & killing V off?

Thanks from a greenhorn!

apt-get upgrade is known to break volumio, i did this as well.
i understand it happens because volumio depends on a certain version on a package being held back, however that package is upgraded when you run apt-get upgrade, (its not held back by apt)
now i dont know what package off the top of my head.

–just in case instructions–
first shutdown your pi (if it still working)
connect your card to the copmputer and back it up
once done reconect the card to the pui and power it on

–upgrade instructions–
look at your system settings page at the bottom
then read this thread if the web ui breaks

its okay to do a apt-get update
but never EVER do an apt-get upgrade

Manual installation should work. As posted by overloard, apt-get update works.