Subscription was suddenly canceled

Hi, I’ve received message:

Subscription was canceled May 2, 2023: Premium Yearly. You will retain access to your subscription until the end of the billing cycle, which ends June 30, 2023.

Why it was cancelled before June 30?
And I have no access to Premium now despite the message says it should, it’s just free.

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Since this is a community forum, you will get an answer faster if you create a support ticket


Here Davide from Volumio tech support
Pleased to help you!

A support email has just been sent to your address, please follow up on that for further help

Thank you!


we are investigating on this matter with our payment service Paddle
Please be patient and stay tuned

thank you so much!

Same thing happened to me. Got an e-mail saying it was cancelled, I only paid in January. 3 days and so far no reply from Volumio, even though I’ve submitted a ticket.

BTW I have no ability even to buy another plan. Something is wrong there.

please see this post, not sur if it applies to you?

I guess this is the reason. I guess they even didn’t like the currency, because that payment was made using a card from country not in the list and from that country.

OK, will create another account.

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