Subscription offers

Good morning,

I am a new user of your OS which I find very nice. Just like your website.

I would like to be able to benefit from all the functionalities described on your site, however as a user of Volumio on a single machine and a single machine, which is also an RPi, I think that a license for 6 machines at €5.85 per month it is too much for my use as well as too expensive for my budget.

Investing more than 30% of the value of a machine over its lifetime in the OS that runs it does not make sense.

I would be delighted if you offered a low coast subscription for private customers, who only have one RPi-based machine for a price of €1 per month. In such a case, I would immediately take out a subscription without even thinking about it, just like 99.99% of your users, I think, or almost…

Yours sincerely