Subnet mask not correctly saved

I wanted to set my Volumio wired IP address to a static Class B (172.16.x.x/16) address… However, when I did so, I lost connection with the device…

So I connected a screen and keyboard, and did an “ifconfig”, which showed that the new IP and Gateway were correct, but the subnet was 24-bit, I did change the subnet of my laptop to 24-bit and logged into Volumio via the web interface to check if I did set the subnet wrong, but it was indeed correct (, where ifconfig shows

So I guess I found a tiny bug :slight_smile:

Yes, the bug is in index.js. It uses a fixed /24 when configuring the static IP address. It ignores the ethnetmask setting. Same for the wireless static IP setup.

          ws.write('iface eth0 inet manual\n');
          staticconf.write('interface eth0\n');
          staticconf.write('static ip_address=' + config.get('ethip') + **'/24\n'**);
          staticconf.write('static routers=' + config.get('ethgateway') + '\n');
          staticconf.write('static domain_name_servers=' + config.get('ethgateway') + '\n');

Wow, 4 years later I get a reply XD
So it still has not been fixed? I’ve been using Volumio on a daily basis for the past years now, still on a dynamic IP (but since it is my own network, it pretty much never changes).