Stuttering Sound at 384 KHz

I have some weired problems with my DAC. I have a PiFi DAC+ with PCM5122 vom TI. The PI is a RPI 2B.
I installed volumio 1.55 and everything is running fine. If I choose Best sinc interpolator in settings I get stuttering sound at 384 KHz. MPD is running at 105%. If I switch back to fastest sinc interpolator everything runs as expected.
I disabled transcode settings so I do not understand why the interpolator makes any difference.
If I do an apt-get upgrade, I get always stuttering sound at 384 KHz regardless the settings I choose.
Maybe RPI is too weak even in turbo mode. :smiley:

Any hint would be great. :slight_smile:

If you get 105% then it’s the software that is not multithreaded, only that.
And why would you care for the interpolator? at that high frequency, it doesn’t matter anymore, it is important if you convert with 44-48 kHz as output.

Exactly thats what I thought too, but why does it care at all when playing at high rates?? Does the interpolator need to be used when playing high-res files? I thought the audio data is just converted to i2s and sent to DAC directly. No need to interpolate anything I guess…