Stutter usb

Hi there

I’ve seen a few threads about audio stutter when playing FLACS

Is there a definite fix?

The whole reason I bought my pi set up was for playing FLACS

Is there an optimum setting for buffering?

I have a model 2 b and a hifiberry dac

some updates

I’ve tried doubling the buffer size - no difference

upped the % stored before playback - no difference

run rpi-update - no difference.

I’m all out of ideas.

I read on an older site where it says try forcing the usb driver into 1.1 speed at full speed.

is this a valid option?

you give no detail about your dac( usb , i2c), your source (usb , nas).
Playing flac is not a problem… With the base setting, i2c dac and a nas or usb hd, it uses about 7% of a RPI B cpu… You may have problem when oversampling.

The dac is the hifiberry dac +

I think its i2c. it plugs straight into the rasberry pi.

The source is a WD usb hard disk. it is bus powered, but I have it connected to a powered hub.

I can play any mp3 off the hard disk with no issues at all, but all of the flac files are having the same error.

every couple of seconds there is a pause. And it sounds like the audio is speeding up etc. Its not something you can listen to.

it could well be a problem with sampling.

How can I confirm that?

I am using Volumio Linux volumio 4.1.18-v7+ .

Just giving this a bit of a bump

Can anyone offer assistance?

What can I do to see if it is oversampling?

You should check for resampling in the playback page menu.
Have you tried to play from the SD card or from RAMplay?

I think resampling is disabled.

I’ll try from the card as you suggest.

What is ramplay?

RAMplay is/was a method to load a number of songs to the ram. RAMplay was a name of one of the shares that actually was stored in a RAM disk. This would optimize speed and usb/SD bottlenecks wouldn’t have an effect.

I never used it and I’m not even sure if it’s still available in v1.5 and up.

OK. Found ram play.

Didn’t work on there either.

Some info - one of the flac files is a full album, so not individual tracks.

If encoded some other files with better results - even max settings (I think) and they played so maybe there is something iffy with the files themselves…

Further adventures…

I can play the file on vlc player on my windows machine and it plays back correctly

Now I’m really confused

Your issue stems from bandwith. There is nothing wrong with your files. And arguably, there is nothing wrong with Volumio either, other than that you need to tweak some settings.

First, you need to understand that the USB ports and Network port are on the same chipset. That limits bandwith for networking on the Pi somewhat. You’ve overcome that by outputting sound through the DAC board over I2S. But you may still have a bottleneck. Do you use WiFi or are you using a network cable? Also, what files are you playing? Is it standard CD Audio quality (16 bit / 44.1Khz) or are these hi-res files (i.e 24 bot 192 Khz). Are you doing any upsampling in Volumio? What Pi version are you running?

Edit: I just saw your source is a HDD on a power hub. What else is on that hub? What happens when you disconnect everything and play files from a USB stick or connect your HDD directly to the Pi?

Pi model b (maybe a +?)

If I disconnect the hub the hard drive just spins and I can’t access the files on it.

I’ve tried ramplay with the same results as the hard disk.

Upsampling is set to default setting.

I think they are 16 bit 44.1khz files.

Network is wifi

I actually have about the same setup - hifiberry plus dac, LAN, USB HDD (WD), Pi 3
…and only while listening to hi-res files. Streams and mp3 are not affected.
I would assume it’s my HDD …USB controller or what ever. BUT. It only started after I made an update of Volumio about one month ago (last installed version lasted about one year and i only updated because of the better spotify performance (still hate spotify for there API). Yesterday I updated to the newest build. Still the same “jitter”. It’s grinding my gears.

So my question now. If the problem is some kind of bus speed - what can I do to control this? Did anyone find a real solution already?

fyi; I just bought a hole new bundle. If it’s hardware related, I will find it out. Except it’s the new Pi+, may be that helps. But my personal guess is still the USBstorage. Awaiting delivery.

dmn I just found this for the new Pi3+:

As i found in different forums. The biggest problem of them all is the usb2 chip on which the ethernet connection runs on. But guess what. Still the same stutters after unplugging the ethernet cable and wifi is only for remote control. I will now proceed on checking the hardware. There is only 3 possibilities left. 1. Pi Hardware fail, 2. HDD Hardware fail, 3. This Volumio release is crap!
I changed my mind btw. I think it’s the freaking Volumio version. I hope it’s not! But if it is… bye bye Volumio… Im actually not surprised no one is here to help.