Struggling with a USB Peachtree DAC*IT and Volumio

Hi All,

I’m completely new to Raspberry Pi, and bought one specifically to use with Volumio.

I’ve got it up and running, and it shows up on my network. Airplay is working fine via the 3.5mm input, but I can’t get my USB DAC to output sound. I’ve got it connected, and can select an ALSA output in the playback panel, which assume is the DAC.

However, no sound! USB input/cable is fine on my laptop, but not happy with the Pi for some reason.

I’ve no idea really how to go about diagnosing the issue, but so far i’ve tried:

Disabling some of the optional DAC settings
Plugging things in in a different order
Changing settings then re-booting
Trying the other USB port on the Pi

I can get the Peachtree DAC to work via USB with Rune Audio no problem, no extra configuring, but I get little drop outs every ten seconds or so, so would like to be able to try the more recently updated Volumio.

Any ideas what I could do to go about fixing this? I’ve no idea how SSH works, but i’m happy to learn! I use a Mac, but do have access to a windows machine if required.


any ideas here? I’d like to run Volumio with an iDac as well.

According to there site the Peachtree DAC uses a Sabre 9023 chip.
This chip is confirmed to work over i2s using the Hifiberry settings, so it should also work over usb…

For my usb sound card i haven’t selected ALSA as output but “Device”, so i would say, try changing that.

Alsa is the output of analog jack… You should see a different entry…