Streaming to Volumio

I guess this feature has been requested in the past, but it’s a crucial one so I’ll just request it again:

Make it easy to stream from any device including mobile to stream to volumio.


Have you tried this? My son insists on sending his favourite noise of the moment via his iPhone, and i think that’s due to Volumio containing shairport-sync …

Chris M

I’ve only recently learned that this is already implemented and fully documented here: … lumio.html

Android phones need to be rooted to stream audio as far as I understood.

I can see what you mean, but in my context it would be the method of choice: Many people, lots of playback devices - no more plugging involved, no nasty static and crackling.

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Sort of… I use this ( … r&hl=en_GB) which doesn’t require rooting. OK, it may work best with the N7 player (which I also like) but there’s sufficient flexibility in Android to reduce the need for rooting. Just a thought…

Chris M

Hey, thanks for the hint thats a great app. It works perfectly well with a router wireless setup, but it doesn’t work with the hotspot.
It’ll show up but when trying to stream I get “device lost”.
Any Ideas on this one?

Sorry for the delay in answering, I haven’t looked at this topic for a while. I don’t use wi-fi at all in the RPi setup( I have the same sort of wired router network that you mention), so I can’t really comment; my suspicion is that Toaster is the cause as its reviews suggest fragility.