Streaming options not available...

I just purchased a used Volumio Primo. Its all hooked up and everything is working fine. It is logged into MyVolumio account and appears to be all good except there is not Tidal or Qobuz options under settings sources or plugins. I am running the latest beta version. Anyone have the same issue?

I did a factory reset and this solved the problem. I have not upgraded to the latest beta release. If I do, I’ll post the results.

Yes, don’t update to beta releases. But yes, do updates :wink:

But my OCD requires I update to the latest beta in fear of missing out on something! Just kidding, i’ll refrain from the beta updates. I do love the Primo tho!

Ahahaha gotcha! Glad that you like it! Are you using its analog output?

I currently am using the RCA outs into a Prima Luna Evo 100 integrated. At this point I couldn’t be happier. I may try a few external DACs later on but going to just enjoy it for the time being.