Streaming from phone, Bluetooth or airplay?

Hi all, I have a raspberry pi 3 that I’d like to use in my car. In theory, there are 3 ways that I could stream audio from my phone to the pi3

  1. Bluetooth - the pi3 has it built in. Has anyone successfully gotten Bluetooth streaming audio to work with volumio? The downside here is that I don’t get the lovely volumio ui if I use Bluetooth

  2. set up a wireless lan in the car, stream airplay and control volumio through that. Seems like a win/win, but I’m worried the phone (iPhone) won’t like a network that doesn’t go to the Internet. Is it possible that I could also lose the extra hardware and just use the pi as an access point?

  3. analog to digital convertor - behringer makes a decent one that’s $30 or something for the usb. Similar problem to Bluetooth though - has anyone set this up with volumio to support the external input?


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With the Pi3 Volumio hotspot, you don’t need a LAN in your car. Put your music on a SD or HDD, pop a DAC onto a Pi3, and hook up the audio out from the DAC to the car stereo. Bluetooth audio is crap compared to a direct connection to a DAC. Now, you just connect to the Pi3/DAC with your phone’s wifi, and you’re all set! The volumio UI is on your phone screen. The phone is just your remote control.

12v to 5v converter will also be needed, and will need to be a clean power source, so find a good one!

Hope this helps!


Thanks Mike! This is what I was thinking, but if I use the pi as a hot spot, will I be able to stream from my phone? Most of my audio is streaming these days :slight_smile:

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