Streamer project no. 2

Raspberry Pi4 4GB, IQaudiO Pi Digi+, SSD Extension board with 500GB SSD, Oled + spectrum & info


Wow, looks very very nice


Super professional design!

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Wow, that looks incredible. Can you share more pics of the internal components?

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+1 for more pics!

What screen did you use on the front?


this type… 2.42 Oled 4pin


RPi4 4GB

IQaudiO Pi Digi+

SSD Extension board

Power supply 5V 10A
€ 7,89 29%OFF | AIFENG DC 5V switching power supply source 110V / 220V To dc 5V 4A 5A 6A 10A 20A 60A 5V 220v to 5v power supply transformer

3D printed back panel


Thanks for the additional pics, and the screen used.
Was the case already a box, or did you make it from furniture board? I’ve been looking to do something like this, but I’m new to everything in the Raspberry Pi world, including Volumio, so just finding my feet on this stuff at the moment.
Did you need to do anything special to get the board working like that?

Case is built from MDF 12mm

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Although I have the same display but it doesn’t work for me, it only works with an i2C SH1106 display.
With the SSD1309 2.42 "display, it doesn’t work.
What settings did you use in MPD-OLED?