Streamer as AVR

Hello people
as the title says I would like to convert my streamer to an AVR. I have built a Wolverine amp (DIY audio forum). The power amp boards were built for me by a user and the rest I wired myself. Since the amp has low input impedance I would like to retire on my old AVR that I was currently still using as a preamp and AVR for the beamer.
I have a Volumio project not yet started and want to make the streamer a full AVR.

The plan is to use an input selector RCA board to which I connect my DAC, phono preamp and also my PC and Android streamer.

With the phono preamplifier it is still simple there I simply pass the input signal over the relay to the output.

For the HDMI signal I would use a HDMI splitter and HDMI receiver that transmits the signal via coax.
Now I do not really know from the point on. Can I still somehow pass the HDMI signal on the Pi or the DAC HAT?

Another solution that would occur to me otherwise would be several parallel running Raspberries with DAC has which are all on at the same time. Then I could also use the input input selector properly.

The DACs for video streaming and pc, I would prefer cheap ones

Can be deleted i found a solution on DIYAudio