Stream to device outside home

Does Volumio allow streaming local music files to devices while outside your home?

If you have the paid version, you can login to and play your music remotely by selecting ‘Play here’.

Hi SimonE,
Even over the cellular network to my cell phone while away from home (ala RoonARC)? Would that utilize the Volumio app, correct? Thanks for answering my questions.

Yes. If you look at the top of my photo, you can see I was connected to 4G, not my home wifi. Pretty nice functionality.

I used the wrong url for remote access in my reply (corrected now). It’s

Sorry about that. I didn’t notice your 4G connection at first. Yes…I really like being able to stream over cellular to my phone in RoonARC, but it costs about twice as much (about) as Volumio. That’s the Volumio app on your phone, not a web browser right?

It’s my browser. I don’t use the app generally.

Browser on my phone that is

I’m guessing the app would work the same. Thanks…I’m thinking of switching over from Roon and your info was very helpful. I’m going to install Volumio on a Pi and subscribe to Volumio Premium on a trial.

Hi Sebastian,
I think in fact it can’t work with the app as that starts by searching for Volumio systems on the current wifi network.

Accessing Volumio via a browser does everything the app does, so it’s not a problem to use that both in your wifi using the IP address of your Volumio system, and remotely, using

Understood…Thank you!

@SimonE do you need to enable something on the volumio device to do so?
I tried on my mobile phone (iphone, with Edge browser and 5G), connected to and only i can see/do is to see/change my profile and enable/disable volumio on my devices listed). Cannot play anything neither choose from which device to play.

Thanks in advance

Hi, you should see a green arrow next to the name of your Volumio. Click on that.

Thanks for your response.

I only see the below and not such a Play button:

Is there any port to be configured on the router to enable outgoing data from volumio machine to the internet?

Strange. No, I didn’t need to configure anything with my router. Maybe try toggling the enable buttons.

Hi SimonE,
my problem on iPhone: The “Play here” button is not aktivated. Only “Switch device” is possible.
Any idea?

Hi, do you have the free version? Play here is only available with Premium.

No. Superstar/Premium. (Rivo)

That should be ok then. Maybe make a support ticket, free with Rivo.

O,K, Thx again.