Stream sound from TV to volumio

Hi, I cannt figure out how to stream sound from my samsung smart tv (to which my dvd player is connected) to my volumio.
I tried setting up minidlna but doesnt work. From AppleTV it is easy as I just select volumio as speaker.

I’d really appreciate if you have an idea?

I suspect that your TV won’t be able to stream to a device, rather only have a device stream to it. Check your user manual.

Ok than, so how to stream sound from video app plaing movie on windows pc?

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Ok than, so how to stream sound from video app plaing movie on windows pc?

Until now I stream video to AppleTV and choose volumio as AirPlay speaker. Or I use use hdmi for video and TuneBlade for audio. Seems a bit complicated.

Multi-casting is real challenge for your hardware. I mean, not the one where you play checkers on MS windows standard application and chatting to some girl, but real one. When you run several services, like watch movies online and others on one server and stream them online. And if your hardware is not ready for it, you won’t make it i guess.

Volumio has AirPlay integration, which is why it works so nicely with AppleTV and iOS. TuneBlade is the only Windows alternative for AirPlay, but indeed then you have to find a different way of sending the video signal to your TV.

TV’s are generally designed to be casted to rather than the other way around. Add to it that TV’s are usually close to the audio installation, so a simple cable (rca, optical or coax) suffices to run sound over the speakers. Wouldn’t that be the easiest way for you too? No need to go through Volumio and having to worry about timing.