Strange Airplay Device behavior on LAN

I am trying to figure this out, maybe someone can help me.

I have Volumio on a Rasp-Pi with a wired connection to my LAN off of my central router. My network has two wireless access points. WAP#1 = the main router, WAP#2 = secondary wireless router connected as a switch (no WAN connection.)

I am using an airplay app on my Android tablet. I can see Volumio as an airplay device when connected wirelessly to WAP#2, but not when connected to WAP#1. As far as I can tell, the settings are the same on both access points (which are different brands). The odd thing is that it is the access point on the central router where I cannot see the device. Also, while connected to WAP#1, I can see my other devices, it is only Volumio that is missing.

Any ideas on what may cause this? I played with UPNP settings as well and ALG settings, with no change in behavior.

I will check the ping. I can access the web server over either access point connection

OK, I cannot ping “volumio.local” on either access point. I can ping the IP address of the Pi successfully over both access points.

Don’t think ping volumio.local would work unless your DHCP server updates your DNS server, wherever they are.

Try using Bonjour Browser on Android it searches for Bonjour and Avahi services on your network. You should be able to see the services offered by the Pi.

Thanks to everyone for the responses. As this is more likely a network issue than a Volumio issue, I appreciate your responsiveness. I forgot to mention in my first post that Volumio is quite awesome! Great work. I already am recommending it to others.

I tried Bonjour Browser. It can detect Volumio when I am connected to WAP2, but nothing on WAP1. All devices are within the same IP range, as is the tablet when on either WAP. I seem to have some type of segmentation of my network or network browse issue, but it is very strange because I can see other DLNA devices like my TV which are connected to the same router.

I may just not be able to figure this one out. Not a big problem, as I can still connect via WAP2, but it certainly has my curiosity. If I solve this mystery I’ll certainly let you all know.

Thanks again.