Stereo receiver based on volumio with kodi

this is my first project a stereo receiver based on volumio with kodi. I needed all in one device with small dimensions. I decided make it own.

Here list of features:

  • playing music via volumio
  • playing movies via kodi
  • playing sound from TV and XBOX via optic
  • controling via web browser (standard volumio approach)
  • controling via IR remote controll
  • controling volume and play/pause via knob with button on receiver body
  • indication on/off amplifier state via notification diode
  • displaing time a date on LED matrix display, it hides under thin plywood

Hardware components:

  • Main board - raspberry pi 3 B with three aluminium heatsinks (needed for KODI), plastic standoff spacer against ground loop
  • Amplifier - TPA3251 from 3e-audio, plastic standoff spacer against ground loop
  • Power 1 - iFi iPower 5V 2.5A, low noise
  • Power 2 - SMPS300RS from Connex Electronic, 36V low noise smps
  • 230V relay board for enabling amplifier
  • rotary encoder with button KY-040 360 (soldering capacitors for better detection)
  • optical toslink to coaxial SPDIF converter from aliexpress
  • IR receiver TSOP31236 from Vishay, 36 kHz
  • LED matrix display 8x40 LEDs assembled from 8x8 module + 32x8 module. Module size is 32x32 mm. Control chip is MAX7219
  • metal box from (drilled holes for cooling and screwing components)
  • front panel cut by laser from plywood. Thanks Fablab Brno


  • volumio (of course :slight_smile: )
  • plugin es9028q2m (this Audiophonics DAC haven’t native support on volumio)
  • plugin Amplifier Switch (I will need modification for KODI, because this plugin can detect playing from volumio but not from KODI, or SPDIF)
  • plugin KODI Krypton
  • plugin Spotify
  • plugin Youtube Playback
  • plugin IR Remote Controller (added my own Xiaomi remote controll)
    -plugin Rotary Encoder (I will need modification for better volume control)
  • Luma.LED_Matrix control led matrix display (python)
  • (some python weateher and forecast library for displaying on LED matrix display)

other photos


good day.
You have a very interesting project.
Can I ask you something like an image with the installation.
I also wanted to add the max7219 information display, with the clock and weather.