Status of Volumio 2.x Plugin Store

With the transition to Volumio 3, what will be the status of the plugin store for 2.x? Will it still be maintained for a certain time (i.e. PR submissions to volumio-plugins will still be handled)?

Hi! Thanks for jumping in the V3 plugins so fast! Bear with us since we are still setting up…
Idea is we will move to V3 and don’t maintain v2 repo anymore, except for critical updates.

Would you mind writing me and email to michelangelo at volumio dot org ? I would love to get in touch with you

I have only just signed up for a MyVolumio account (free tier), so not fast at all. Just preparing the move of plugins to V3 (hopefully can get this done within the next month).

Dropped you an email too.

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Has a decision been made yet on what will happen to the Volumio 2 plugin store after Volumio3 is released?

As Volumio2: it will be no longer mantained

Thank you!