Static 'pop' issues with my new Hifiberry

Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could give me some suggestions on how to fix sound issue with my new Hifiberry DAC.

I just got 2 DAC’s in the mail to use with a Pi Zero W and with a Pi 3B+, the Hifiberry Zero and the Hifiberry DAC+ ADC Pro. So far I’m only using these with Airplay and using the RCA outputs to 2 different receivers.

I managed to setup the Zero with no issues, it’s working beautifully.

The DAC+ ADC Pro is running into some problems with a static ‘click’ or ‘pop’ sound that happens randomly while playing a song or just changing tracks.

I’ve tried the following with no luck;

ethernet vs wifi, a 4gb rpi4, setting the buffer to a higher number and making sure the audio resampling is off.

Right now I’m using Hifiberry OS and there is no static pop sounds so I don’t think it’s a hardware or power supply issue.

Has anyone else run into a similar issue with these DAC’s and have any other troubleshooting suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, did you ever figure this out? Just received 2x the DAC+ADC pro and connected everything and installed volumio. The analog input keeps on crackling, popping though. A bit random, but about every 30 seconds.

Did not have the issue when using hifiberryos. Though I was not able to activate the analog input within that os anyway so that might be why.

I don’t know anything about that DAC, but some generic things to try would be:

  • Make sure you are using Hardware Mixer
  • Make sure Volume is set to 100 (maximum)
  • Check that the power supply is adequate for the R Pi and DAC combination

No, I never heard back from anyone here and kind of gave up on this one. I figured this must be a bug with Volumio and specifically the DAC+ ADC pro’s and since you have the same issue I’m guessing that’s the case. I have a pi w zero running Volumio without any issues for months.

I’ve tried every suggestion I could find here. It works perfectly with Hifiberry OS and OSMC, so I don’t see how it’s a bad board or hardware/power related.

It would be nice if we could hear from the volumio team as I’d like to be able to use volumio instead of the other software.

That is really too bad. Was prepared to pay the full membership but alas. Also, the HifiberryOS also has an option that it automatically switches to the analog input when sound is detected. That is an awesome feature. Was not able to succesfully test it yet though.