Static 'pop' issues with my new Hifiberry

Hi everyone, it’s my first time diving into Volumio and trying out pi DAC’s.

I just received a couple of Hifiberry’s to use with Airplay on a couple of receivers at home.

The first DAC I tried setting up is the Hifiberry Zero running on my old Pi W Zero and once I got it set up, it’s been working without any issues. No static ‘pops’ or anything like that.

The second DAC was for my main HomeTheater receiver so I wanted to get the higher end Hifiberry DAC+ Pro but they didn’t have any in stock so I paid a bit more and ordered the Hifiberry DAC+ ADC Pro.

Setup was a breeze with the Pi 3B+ but right away when starting a song I could hear a static pop sound and it happens randomly throughout playback. I’m using the 2 RCA outputs on the DAC to my receiver.

I’ve tried searching and tested the following to see if I could find a fix but so far no luck:

  • tried wifi and ethernet
  • reformatted and installed on a 4gb RPI4 in case it was the 3B+ with the exact same result.
  • tried switching on and off the resampling option
  • tried different ‘audio buffer size’ options and ‘buffers before play’ options
  • tried with the i2s DAC option on and off

I figured there might be something wrong with the DAC, then I tried installing testing Hifiberry OS and with that running there were no pop sounds at all.

So I’m wondering what could be wrong here and if there’s another setting I should be using with this particular setup?

Hi Bailey_B and others,

For me, the first hifi project was hifiberry digi+ with an Pi 3B and works. The second was Hifiberry Zero on a Raspberry Pi Zero. Volumio works fine, spotify plugin, indexing music from my NAS but no sound :frowning:

I try several DAC models but i couldn’t get it working.

So all tips & trics are welcome.