Static IP with Volumio 2 version 1.001

Hi there -

I’ve just installed Volumio 2 v1.001 on my Raspberry Pi 3 and I’m facing a problem with assigning a static IP.

Previously, with v0.979, I was able to use the “IP Reservation” feature on my router to reserve a specific IP address (e.g. for my Pi, based on the Ethernet connector’s MAC address. Volumio would automatically obtain this IP address from the DHCP server running on the router (DD-WRT firmware).

Now (with v1.001) it will no longer pick up the reserved IP address. Instead it is assigned another address from the pool (e.g. My only workaround is to specify the same static IP address (e.g. in Volumio’s “Network” screen.

There is nothing wrong with my DHCP server - it works fine for other devices and worked fine in v0.979. I know I could roll-back to v0.979, but I value the new ability to configure the Volumio Hotspot in v1.001 !!

Is anyone else facing this problem?


Strange, i have the same setup, with a dhcp server with a fixed ip-address based on MAC address and it is just working fine with the latest 1.001 version.
With all previous beta’s i never experienced this bug.

Thanks for your inputs - appreciate you taking the time.

I’d still be interested to hear what anyone has experienced.

I should have added that I am using Balbuze’s Spotify Connect plug-in.
I have no idea if that could be the difference?