state file always corrupted?

Hi all,

I have a raspi with volumio connected to a NAS via cifs. I have a problem when I have to reboot the raspi.

When I reboot the raspi, it doesn’t start playing afterwards, and I can’t connect to the web pages.

In /var/log/mpd/mpd.log I have entries like this:

Feb 09 11:11 : stat /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/buffalo-0-mp3/Al Di Meola/[2002]Flesh on Flesh/01 - Zona Desperata.mp3 failed (errno=2)
Feb 09 11:11 : decoder_thread: Unrecognized URI

After deleting /var/lib/mpd/state and reboot, everything works fine up to the next reboot/poweroff. It seems that mpd has problems with special characters in file names, but only when reading the state file…


DId you ever find a solution to this problem. A friend is having the same problem, we thought the NAS may have been falling off the network after some time of inactivity, but it does not seem to be that. Thanks.