Starting my adventure, a couple questions

Hi everyone. I am looking to add some speakers to my backyard using Volumio. I can’t fathom spending $700 for a Sonos. My ideal is to use Volumio with Spotify which I saw as an integration but I was also checking for Sirius cam which I couldn’t find. Did I miss it somewhere?

Other than that I was curious how everyone uses their Volumio? I have a spare RPi 4 I was thinking about using but that won’t power a couple of speakers so need to attach it to an amp. I saw the add on to power the amp on and off, but is there a way to control the volume on the amp or would you just set a specific volume on the amp then change the volume on the Volumio app?

I saw some of the features but not sure why but couldn’t understand who can control the app. Can I control the app on my phone and also have my wife or another family member also control it at the same time?

Last thing, just wanted to confirm another feature. If/when Pi’s come back in stock and I get a few more, it looks like I can play music across them correct? Is there a way to play different music if I wanted to across each device?


I think Volumio is a great set up for almost any stereo. I have three of them and yes you can run them all at the same time playing same song or different songs. I also use for my out door set up. And I go from my Volumio USB out to USB in on a Topping e30 Dac and then analog into the Yamaha WXA-50. The Yamaha has a decent DAC but you could also add a DAC if you want something else.

Yamaha WXA-50 MusicCast wireless streaming amplifier with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and Apple® AirPlay® at Crutchfield

The awesome outdoor speakers I selected are the Definitive Technology AW6500 which are more than your Sonos but you could also get the more affordable Aw5500.

Definitive Technology AW6500 (Black) Outdoor speaker at Crutchfield


Why not just use the Yamaha to do your streaming? Is the OS just bad? I feel like at that price I’d rather just spend the couple extra hundred to get the Sonos which is all in one.

Are you able to control the amp volume from your Volumio? Or how do you actually control it?

@ccigas I did originally, and it is a great streamer BUT it did not have Qobuz native with its music cast software, so I had to mConnect too it. Then I had an extra rasberry pi so I said Why Not? I prefer the Volumio interface and I can also access my music server from Volumio, and now can have indoor/outdoor access. So it all just works now.

Oh and as far as the amp Volume, I can control the Yamaha volume if I open the music cast app, or use the remote that comes with it, AND I can control the Volumio volume via Volumio. So what I typically do, is crank the Yamaha up relatively high and then just adjust through Volumio.