Started playing by itself

Hoping I can get some insight here. Trying to figure out if I have a Volumio issue or hacker issue.
Current setup is raspi3 with justboom amp hat running volumio 2.246(just installed yesterday)

The situation;
Installed new software yesterday afternoon and it worked great, then we went to bed…
I got woken up at midnight with my speakers blaring hard rock/metal at full volume, this went on for about 30 seconds and then as mysteriously as it started it turned off.
Checked web interface to see what was playing and there was nothing. It was the same paused playlist I had turned off before bed. And definitely not the song that woke us.
Checked my Spotify app to see if I accidentally Spotify connected a song while sleeping. Nope not connected and last song played was a chill playlist.

any Ideas? Super weirded out here.