Start playing at boot ?

Hey folks !

After having properly introduced myself in the appropriate section, I’m posting my “problem” (which is more a question) here (as recommended by MobeyDuck - thanks mate !).

I’m using a RasPi to run Volumio and I want Volumio to start playing my playlist at boot.

I experienced (like MobeyDuck) that when I unplug the power while music is playing, it resume playing if I plug the power again. But If the time lapse between those two operations (unplug and plug again) is too long, it boots but won’t start playing .

I’m sorry if this question has already been discussed elsewhere, but I did not find. Please let me know if you see any solution.

Thanks !


You can add same mpc commands to: /etc/rc.local

Some other Volumionists have discussed this here:

Give it a try!